11 May 2013


I'll never be able to appropriately describe the feeling as we slowed to a crawl to make the hard right onto the tiny, secret, winding dirt road, just ten miles outside of Truckee.

Nor can I describe the feeling of sitting for hours on the deck with a cup of coffee or a coors light, staring into the meadow.  Of walking down to the river with my mom and sister, cousins, aunts, uncles or friends, to fish and swim.  Of diving and sliding through the muds of south meadows as a little girl (and grown lady).  Of sitting in front of a night fire listening to stories of the generations before me who experienced the same and who made it all possible.

From as early as I can remember, I have felt a combination of joy, peace and nostalgia -- and now, an overwhelming sense of gratitude that for 32 years I was welcome.  The cabin has been and always will be my favorite place on earth.

It's no longer ours on paper, but forever will be ours in spirit. (and for trespassing...)

If I'm ever lost, return me here... N 39.46'23" W 120.22'60"

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