20 March 2013


chris and i hosted our very first housewarming party together last weekend!  naturally, given that when we moved in together last september we had just a bed, dresser and two chairs between us, (seriously, not a fork, broom or couch from either) it was mandatory that we start shopping.  but as most know, i was unemployed at the time and while all those cheeky little ikea pieces were kind of sort of reasonably priced and we NEEDED a couch and that little blue lamp and those curtains, and and and... - we had to wait.  

cut to 2013. we both had jobs -- and finally two incomes -- and the apartment slowly started coming together (and a lot of coors lite and mexican food was consumed).  and while it's nowhere near done, we were satisfied with it enough to invite all our favorite people over to drink and eat and honestly, help us celebrate our stuff!  --the couch, and the curtains, and the guest bed and our bar cart.  

anyway, keep scrolling as there are a TON of photos from the evening below.  i'd cap it off to be a successful little kick-back.   it was the first time a lot of chris' friends met my friends.  it was not however, the first time i realized how amazing all our friends are.  

and speaking of our amazing friends, i need to specially thank each of them for coming all the way to bay ridge to eat our food and drink the beer and alcohol that we had been carefully curating for the past few weeks.  somehow though, these friends still managed to leave our beloved little bar cart twice as stocked as when they came.   they are the best.


  1. Karyn20.3.13

    You look beautiful! :) Thanks for posting the pictures; I was so sad not to make it there!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time - the apartment looks fantastic!!

    Great job!!

    p.s. - Happy Birthday to both of you!