05 November 2012


First stop on our apartment tour, the kitchen!  Being that it's galley style and quite long and wide, we have a lot of open space, particularly on one side, with a few cabinets on the opposing wall.  After pinning and pinning and pinning photos of kitchens from all over the land, I figured the best use of the wall space would be to paint a floor to ceiling chalkboard wall and hang 3-4 open shelves about 6' long.  The shelves will be hung from the pipe in the corner to about a foot into the chalkboard wall, so as to create some fluidity, and will hold white dishes and clear glasses.  I thought the combination of the paint and open shelves would break up the long white wall and add some dimension without closing the space in.  At this time we only have the chalkboard wall up so I've drawn in shelves for you below.  I've also drawn in where I want to put some sort of unit with storage under and a cutting board top.  A few weeks ago we purchased what we thought were living wall pouches for the wall as you walk in.  Unfortunately they were all wrong so we sent them back and will start over.  It's going to be amaze.  We want plants, plants, plants everywhere!!  Someday I'd also love to find a wood table with two benches.   However, as it is now it's pretty great and cooking with SPACE is the best.   

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