04 November 2012


I found a photo of a delicious-looking mashed cauliflower recipe on pinterest a few weeks ago.  Given how many potato dishes {ok just two: homemade homefries & pesto potatoes...over and over and over again} we eat on a regular basis, I thought this could be a healthier option.  Unfortunately, the link I repinned was dead so I had to google something similar.  I'm usually drawn to recipes that have beautiful photos and some personality in the post, so when I found this recipe I was a bit hesitant as the dish in the photo on this page looks....not beautiful.  That, and she bugs me.  That's right, I said it. Rachel Ray bothers me. {insert snarky impersonation & opinions here}   I can't say for sure if that was the reason I deviated from the original recipe, but I did.  Instead, I didn't add nutmeg, used white cheddar and parmesan only and of course added a TON of garlic and a handful of scallions.   High five high five high five it was good.  We had a bit left over the next day and some extra Turkish pide bread from our local market, so I decided to use the leftover mashed cauliflower as a spread!  I topped a few pieces with some cherry tomatos and threw it in the broiler.  DEVINE!   And what do you do when you love something so so much?  Why, you  make a gif. of course!

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