06 November 2012


Sometimes, in between daydreaming about my own million dollar wardrobe and job searching, I like to think about man clothes too.  In addition to the standard nike and adidas sneakers, that are mandatory is a guy's closet, Chris has some great Lucchese boots {Texan} that while look super cool don't look easy on the feet.  He runs around a lot during the day at work so if I had a ton of casheesh and got to pick out shoes for him they'd have to be both attractive and easy going {just like him - zing!}  I'm sure there are lot of great companies for man feet, but I love the all around classic styles from Bass.  I have a pair of saddle shoes and penny loafers that are crazy comfortable, so I know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, while this post isn't sponsored by Bass (dang), these are still my favorites in brown:


  1. Love the selection of shoes for him. The first pair are my favourite. xx

  2. i love all the man shoe choices, but especially like 1,3,and 5. for snowy days, like you have just had, #6 is perfect! also enjoyed your snow pics. great blog;keep writing. xoxoxoxox