29 October 2012


Yesterday we took a few hours to explore some of Bayridge before Sandy hit.  We grabbed some coffee at our local shop and headed down towards the water.  After staring at the Verranzano bridge for a few minutes we started up Shore Ave, towards Owls Head Park {once we hit the park I got cranky so we headed back}  The good news is that in addition to having Owls Head park 20 blocks from our place,  we also have ANOTHER city park that's like 40 blocks long, within walking distance, on the water, that has soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, dog runs, a pier and general giant empty fields of grassy land.  AND just 2 avenues away from our apartment towards the water in the other direction is a neighborhood that could rival the nicest neighborhood in any suburb you've ever seen.  Mansions on beautiful fall tree-lined streets, three stories tall, ranging from victorian to colonial styles.  Aside from the architecture, we knew we were headed into a foreign land as soon as we heard lawnmowers.

Bayridge.  Who would have known?

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